Our Solutions

Geographical Information Systems Applications

With our information system solutions that include maps, spatial visualization, inquiries, analysis, and reporting, we contribute to our customers’ widening their horizons. Thus, we support them to take the right steps in competitive business life.

Consultation and In-service Training

We offer consultancy and In-service training options on GIS (geographic information system software), data analytics, BIM (building information model) with our well-experienced staff.

Intersection Desining Softwares (SIDRA)

Mobile Solutions

We develop mobile solutions in the aera of geographic information system-based data collection, spatial survey, asset management, and task management applications.


We contribute to R&D projects under the leadership of our experts and experienced consultants.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

We design systematic applications with statistical and machine learning algorithms to describe, enrich, summarize, interpret and evaluate data.

Geographical Business and Location Intelligence

In the geographical analysis required by our customers; with the use of artificial intelligence, we develop applications that make object detection, predictive modeling, and pattern extraction faster and easier than classical inferences.

GIS & BIM Integration

BIM and GIS integration allows a project model to be combined in geographical layers so that designers can gather the most accurate information and prediction with GIS capabilities about the zone in which the project will take grounded. We offer applications that display data models produced in BIM format and can be integrated into GIS software.